TowBrite Transmitter and Receiver Set

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This is a set of a TowBrite transmitter and receiver.  You'd want to order this if you've somehow lost both your transmitter and receiver, or you'd like to make your own tow light from scratch.

  • Select your wire colour from the drop down menu.  Wire colour must match between transmitters and receivers.
  • Can used to replace existing transmitter from tow lights from other manufacturers.  You are likely to have to do some re-wiring to make this work - we can help.
  • Unique ID on every transmitter to prevent cross-talk.
  • Includes connector for RX and 10 pins (only 6 needed, but 4 extras included)
  • Select your transmitter type from the drop down menu above.
  • To pair:  Connect transmitter, turn on four way flashers and then turn on tow light.