Repairs to TowMate, Lite-It and other brands

Damaged TowBrite Wireless Tow Light
Tow light fell off and was hit by a car when placed on an aluminum hood.

TowBrite offers repairs on most makes and models of tow light at competitive rates. We are not a licensed repair facility for TowMate, Custer Products Lite-It or any other brand of tow lights.

You can drop off your broken tow lights or ship them in. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges. We will provide no-obligation quotation for free at which point you may decide to proceed with the repairs or have the tow lights returned to you at your shipping cost.

We can offer the following services.

  1. Conversion to TowBrite electronics: If you have lost the transmitter or receiver from a competitor's tow light, we can replace both the transmitter and receiver with TowBrite electronics for $250CAD.
  2. Switch replacement: We can replace TowMate and Lite-It (and other) rocker or toggle switches for $20CAD.
  3. Battery Replacement: We can replace batteries in most popular models. Heavy duty tow lights with 6v 7ah batteries can be replaced for $80CAD per pair, and light duty tow lights with 12v 1.2ah batteries can be replaced for $40CAD.
  4. Strobe installation: Assuming there's a reasonable location to install strobe, we can augment your existing tow lights to include strobes.
  5. Trailer Connector Replacement: We can replace the 7-way trailer connector on your heavy duty tow light for $30CAD.
  6. TowMate antennae repairs: We can frequently repair TowMate transmitter and receiver antennae if they have fallen off for $75CAD. No fix, no pay. You must supply both the tow light and transmitter.
  7. Wiring repairs: We can frequently repair malfunctioning wiring on most models of tow lights for $50CAD. No fix, no pay. You must supply both the tow light and transmitter.
  8. Straps: We can replace straps for $25CAD. If the u-bolts are rusted solid, we will attach them using the S-hooks and crimp them tight. Four straps included.
  9. Hardware: We can supply and install stainless hardware as needed. Cost is on a case-by-case basis.

TowMate Exceptions:

  • We cannot replace TowMate lithium batteries at the moment.
  • We cannot replace TowMate lithium chargers at the moment.
  • If you have TowMate "Lime Light" or similar model, we can install a customer supplied replacement main LED light, but we cannot convert the tow light to TowBrite electronics.
  • We cannot honor TowMate or Lite-It warranties. You are encouraged to obtain replacement transmitters, receivers or LEDs before sending in your tow light for repairs.