TowBrite 6" Outrigger Wired Tow Light Extension

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The TowBrite TBR6OC Outrigger Wired Tow Light Extensions are a heavy duty tow light set which connects via the 7-way round connector on your wireless TowBrite 36" or 48" tow light.   

The extensions receive the left signal, right signal and running lights from the wireless tow light via cable and allow you to ensure your signal are properly placed at the extremities of the vehicle, mobile home, office trailer or other wide load that you are towing.

These tow lights include a metal plate which allows you to affix them to mobile homes, office trailers and other wide loads where signal lights need to be at the edges of your load.

Each Wired Tow Light Extension set Includes:

  • Two yellow durable 6" plastic Housing
  • Single integrated LED light with running, and turn signal indicators
  • Steel mounting plate
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • No electronics, hardwired via connector to your existing tow light.
  • We can make these work for TowMate 36" and 48" tow lights as well, contact us for details.
  • 8ft and 9ft wires from the connector to the left and right signals.
  • No battery, draws power from a TowBrite 36" or 48" wireless tow light.
  • Standard round 7-pin heavy truck transmitter connector.  Contact TowBrite to discuss customization.
  • Great for tow trucks, heavy wreckers, RVs, trailers, mobile offices, portables etc...
  • Made in Canada (Ottawa).
  • Free Shipping to Canada and the USA. Contact for international shipping.