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Tow lights go missing, it's just a fact of the industry.  Sometimes they fall off, occasionally they're stolen when parked, even more rarely they're stolen at a traffic light.   And of course, it's easy to leave your wireless tow light on the back of a car when you're on the phone, in the dark at the end of an eighteen hour shift.

So what's the solution to ensure that you can get your tow light back?  It's really quite simple, tag your tow light.  

Apple Airtags (www.apple.com/airtag/) work exclusively with Apply iPhones, so if you don't have one, you'll have to get a friend to add your tag to their phone.  Airtags have the disadvantage that after a couple of days, they will notify a thief that an Airtag is following them around.  Also, Airtags batteries are supposedly  only good for one year - so take this into account as the batteries are not user replaceable.

Tile (www.tile.com) works with both Android phones and Apple phones.  It boasts a three year battery life and won't notify a thief if they start using your tow light.  The only problem with Tile is that the number of users is smaller, so your ability to chase down your tow light is diminished... if getting in fights with thief is something that you want to do.

Google Tags (codename Grogu) is an upcoming tag by the makers of the Pixel phones and the best search on the market.   We do not know the details on this tracker tag yet, but no doubt it'll be great just like everything from Google.

Now that you've selected your tag, be sure to pair it to your phone.   Next you need to implant it into your wireless tow light.   For light duty tow lights, you'll need to open one of the end caps which will likely involve removing a couple of screws and carefully prying the cap off.   Slip the air tag in, and if possible, zip tie it to a wire.

For heavy duty tow lights, you'll need to remove one of the large LEDs, and once again zip tie to some wiring.  Zip tying will stop if from rattling around and keep it off the bottom of the tow light which can often get wet.

Every now and then, you should open your tracker app on your phone and see if you can still track your tag.  If not, resync or replace until it's working again.

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