Wireless tow lights and bar for agricultural use | TowBrite

While wireless tow lights are most often known for their use in the car and truck towing world, they are also an important safety feature when it comes to agriculture towing.

Farms and related industries typically have a plethora of tow behind equipment and trailers.  Maintaining the lighting on these trailers is chore that needs constant maintenance. Since these trailers are usually kept outdoors, corrosion can damage the wiring and LEDs light of an otherwise solid trailer.  Furthermore, mice and other gnawing animals find wiring harnesses to be a tasty treat.

The solution of course is wireless tow lights.  A single set is sufficient for all your trailers, just keep them in your towing vehicle and break them out whenever you have something to move.

There is also an additional safety aspect that wireless tow lights can offer.  Since they can be repositioned to anywhere on your load, you can run a set of wireless tow lights at bumper level - as required by law, but you also run a second set at the top of your load.  This is particularly useful if you're pulling a load slowly with a tractor on a road where people typically speed and there are elevation changes.  A speeding driver can't see over the crest of the next hill, but they may see some tow lights strapped 15feet off the ground to your hay bails.

And naturally, if you have any large overhangs, wireless tow lights can reposition your trailers lights to the end of your load.

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