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You may have noticed that there are several types of wireless transmitters for your tow light, such as 7-way round, 7-way blade, 4-way round, 4-way flat, hardwired and some other speciality types.

The easy answer to this question is "whichever one fits your truck".  But the real answer can be a little more nuanced.

For example, if you want reverse lights or a backup alarm, you need to use a 7-pin round or 7-pin blade transmitter, they're the only ones with the wiring in place for back up lights.

If you live in a high theft area, it may be a good idea to hardwire your transmitter into your truck (a light pylon is a good spot).  Just be sure not to put it into a spot that's surround by metal on all sides, like some tool boxes.

Here's the most common types of transmitters and where they're typically found.

  • 7-way round:  Found on heavy tow trucks, highway tractors and trailers.
  • 7-way blade:  Found on most pickup trucks and many SUVs.
  • 4-pin round:  This is the most common type used on light duty tow trucks.
  • 4-pin flat:  Typically found on passenger cars and mini vans.
  • Hardwire:  Just bare wires and a transmitter without trailer connector.
  • RV Passthrough:  This speciality transmitter allows for both hardwired and wireless connectivity at the same time.  Useful if you need to control brakes on mobile office or mobile home, but still need wireless lights on the back.

At the end of the day, your selection of wireless tow light transmitter will be mostly based on how your truck is wired, but do not forget that it's easy to add a different female connector to your truck if necessary.  You can even run several connectors at once if you're willing to do the wiring. 

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